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I am 12 years old.I am going to tell you a little about me
My favorite subject is math I like it because I get to work my brain and solve things that I did not know before.My favorite possession is my radio I like it because I like listening to the radio because it is where I can hear songs.I listen to it 24/7.
My parents thing I am a human radio because I can remember any song that I hear.
My family is small its just me my brother and my mom and dad.
I have 2 dogs,4 cats ,6 lizards,2 fish and 3 guine pigs.

I think of myself as a really bad writer because I do not like writing.I did not write until this year.My favorite kind of writing we did this year that I liked was poetry.We did found poetry. I hope this year I will be come a better writer so I can learn how to like writing. Also I want to learn positive things about writing.

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